Hello, and welcome to Guitarbuzz.com! My name is Jeff J Findley, and I am a professional guitarist and instructor. In addition to my 20 years of experience playing live, doing studio work and composing, I have never stopped being a student. Even after graduating near the top of my class from Musicians Institute in Hollywood I have studied and continue to explore every genre of music I can get my hands on. I consider this to be invaluable to me as an instructor, not only because of the understanding of music it fosters, but also because I haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a student. I know what it’s like to struggle with a difficult piece, because I continue to challenge myself. I also know how good it feels to finally conquer whatever it is that’s been challenging you. Of course the best part for you is that over the years I’ve learned a lot of tricks that will help you get to that place.

The idea here is very simple. Think of Guitarbuzz as your old-fashioned beginning guitar method book re-fashioned into a multimedia experience you can use on any computer connected to the internet. If you go through all of the lessons on this website thoroughly you will have assembled the foundation for success, and a real understanding of the guitar. If you commit to this by putting in the necessary hours, you will develop solid technique, a solid visual conception of the fingerboard, and the beginnings of the ability to be able to read, write, and speak the language of music. You will learn how to find and identify notes and chords on the guitar without having to be spoken to in tab.

All of these things will happen for you if you really apply yourself to these lessons. Honestly, almost any lesson plan out there will yield positive results if you work hard enough, but I believe that taken as a whole the lessons on this site will provide you with a much broader perspective than you would be likely to gain otherwise. Your life as a musician will hopefully continue to evolve for as long as you’re alive. The material on this website will help to lay the groundwork.

I am not here to work miracles, or make you into a rock star. What I will say is if you go through this twenty lesson course, and really practice and study all of the material, you will have built a solid foundation in the art of playing the guitar. You will acquire an understanding of basic music theory, as well as the technique and relationship with the fingerboard you will need to go forward with your life as a guitarist.

From the time I started taking lessons myself I have been intrigued by the idea of being an instructor. Today I am very happy to say that I enjoy a great deal of success getting through to people of all ages and abilities. The intent of Guitarbuzz.com is to reach an even broader audience, so that anyone with internet access in any corner of the world can share in some of what I’ve learned over the past two decades. It brings me a great deal of joy to share my knowledge of music and the guitar, and I hope that you get a lot from your visit. Please return often, and tell your friends. Thanks!