the notes on the g string

Have you been successful with Lessons Five and Seven? If so then you're ready to learn the notes on the third, or G string. Here they are:

Notes On The G String

We're only going to be playing two notes on this string, G and A. The reason for this is that the next natural note, B, is on the second string. Since we are not yet dealing with #'s and b's we're left with only G and A.

Notice that on these notes the stems extend upward. This is simply to keep the notes centered on the staff. The direction of the stem has nothing to do with the way the note is played, but is chosen simply to make the music look neater. Any note lower than B will be drawn with the stem extending upward. On all other notes the stem will extend downward.  Also, this is the first time you'll be using your second finger while reading music. You'll use it to play the A note on the 2nd fret. Here's a little song for you. When you've perfected it, why not learn it backwards? Have fun!

The G String Mini-March