private lessons

Hello, my name is Jeff Findley, and I firmly believe that I should be your guitar instructor! Over the past fifteen years I have worked very hard to assimilate the education, experience, and skill necessary to provide you with the sort of edification you deserve.

As a youngster I took to music quite strongly. Fortunately I was blessed with wonderfully supportive parents. To make a long story short I put out the right signals and at the age of 14 I acquired an electric guitar and an amplifier (they threw in a cord and some picks, sound familiar?). I immediately began lessons with a fantastic instructor named Bob Hayes whose tutelage I remained under for three years. I then moved from Michigan to Arizona where I ran into a gentleman named Isaiah Soloman who broadened my scope of music and life immensely over the course of the following year. After that, I attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, where I graduated at the top of my class. Simply put, I have learned from the best since day one.

My success as a teacher is attributable to keeping it entertaining and lively. Learning is supposed to be fun, and with me it will be. If you are just starting out I provide you with a series of exercises designed to build dexterity as well as introduce simple musical concepts. If you are more advanced I will make a concerted effort to take you wherever you want to go, as well as filling in any weak areas you may have in the area of technique and theory. All of my students will be armed with a solid foundation in reading (traditional as well as tablature), ear training, and music theory. Upon gaining the necessary technical ability and know-how, we can fire up your iPod and start learning songs that you want to learn. I will figure them out note-for-note, show you how to play it, and break them down for you so you know how the song works. Soon you will be able to do this yourself!

I hope that this brief summary gives you some insight into why you should take lessons from me. I hope to see you soon, and I look forward to witnessing your evolution as a musician. Thanks for reading!

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