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From Anthony in Phoenix, AZ: "While looking for an advanced guitar instructor, I was lucky enough to be referred to Jeff. I have never met a more professional, and more capable instructor. As a professional guitar player myself at this point, I can whole-heartedly attribute my most valuable guitar and music knowledge to Jeff!"

From Nik in Anthem, AZ: “I am lucky to have several people who have been influential in my life. To choose just one one person is quite a difficult task. One person that has been most influential to me is Jeff Findley. Jeff Findley is a guitar instructor at Metro Music. I started taking guitar lessons from Jeff when I was seven years old. When I began taking lessons from Jeff I knew nothing about the guitar, except that I loved it. Jeff taught me many things about the guitar. He showed me the proper way to hold the guitar. He showed me proper posture. Jeff taught me the appropriate way to care for the instrument.

When I started taking lessons with with Jeff I could not read music. Jeff showed my first chord to me. He put it into terms that a seven-year old could understand. Very soon I was able to read the basic notes. Now thanks to him my sight-reading is phenomenal.
Jeff introduced me to many different types of music. I have learned rock, classical and the blues. Any music that I want to learn he helps me willingly. If I am working on a piece of music for school Jeff will help me perfect it. He is great at finding music that challenges me.

Under Jeff's guidance I have experienced the world of music. I would not be where I am today without him. I am fortunate that he has been an influential person in my life. It is a shame that Jeff cannot teach everyone the guitar. I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life.”

Howard in Manhattan Beach, CA: “My son Cole and I both take lessons from Jeff. Cole plays guitar, and I play the bass. The rare thing about Jeff as an instructor is that he is equally comfortable working with my 8 year old on basic guitar concepts as he is teaching me Rush songs on the bass. Cole was with another teacher for two years before we hooked up with Jeff, and in that entire period he didn’t pick up as much as he gets from Jeff in any given lesson.”

From Ben in Studio City, CA: "Jeff is very patient and is able to teach me any song I want to learn.  I always look forward to Friday at 6!"

From Dylan in Agoura Hills, CA: "Jeff is a talented, phenomenal teacher. He can pick out any song by ear and not only teach you how to play it, but also provide you with an understanding of the music theory behind the song. Most guitar teachers are either unwilling or unable to do this. Jeff’s attention to detail will make anyone a much better player."

From Noah and Gracie in Sherman Oaks: “Findley! You rock. Thanks for all you help in making sure we rock too!”

From Andy in Sherman Oaks, CA: “I have been taking lessons from Jeff for more than 4 ½ years. My wife and I were looking for a guitar teacher for our daughter, and Jeff was already teaching several of her schoolmates. I always wanted to play the bass guitar so we hired Jeff to teach both of us.

Jeff’s incredible patience and dedication to his pupils really made learning to play both fun and easy. Unfortunately, my daughter was too busy with school and sports to continue taking lessons, but I have not stopped. In fact, Jeff has not only taught me how to play the bass, but we work on the ukulele, mandolin and a little piano, as well. I only wish I had Jeff as a teacher when I was a young boy taking piano lessons. Jeff has taught me a lot of music theory as well, something I never really learned or understood as a child.

Thank you Jeff, you are an amazing teacher and a good friend, as well!”

From Chuck in Studio City, CA: "Jeff uses a well-rounded approach to teaching guitar, emphasizing technique and theory fundamentals, but what I really love about him is his infectious love of music and ability to unlock the secret of a classic rock solo and then give you the key."

From Richard and Candace in Studio City, CA: “Jeff's style of teaching is just right for our 13 year old son.  He is both encouraging and demanding.  Most lessons combine technique and the mastering of popular songs.  The ability to play songs that Jake loves is the inspiration to work at his technique.  Jake is always enthusiastic after a lesson and can't wait to show me what he has learned.  We highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar.”

From Pete Anderson in Burbank, CA: “Great job on the lesson! Very articulate on the description, and then very swinging on the performance which is where most transcriptions fall short...”

From Chris O’Byrne from Guitar One magazine, January 2002:
There’s lot's of good action at Jeff Findley's Guitarbuzz! We expect good things down the road from this nifty newcomer!”